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New York, NY - May 2014

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Marilyn Maye

Marilyn Maye 
Photo: Stephen Sorokoff

I know it’s advertised as a “Tribute To Johnny Carson,” but for me it was a tribute to Marilyn Maye. It’s also a tribute to Billy Stritch, Tom Hubbard and Ray Marchica. I sat at a table with some experts. The looks of admiration they directed to the music makers on stage was constant from Marilyn’s first note to her last leg kick as she sings “It’s Today.”

I always get a thrill when MM authoritatively points her finger at the audience. To me she signaling…I’m singing for you. That’s what Marilyn does, she directs her awesome talent straight to the heart and soul of her audience and I’ve never been to a performance where those overflow crowds do not shout back their love for her. A few performers have the talent and charisma to totally captivate an audience and dominate a stage the way Marilyn Maye does. As I looked around our table at 54 Below, I realized I was sitting with two artists that have that ability. Maestro Steven Reineke and “Super Singer” ( I’m sure Johnny would have dubbed him as well as MM with that title) Clint Holmes. I may have been Below, but last night I was up above in music heaven, and so was everyone else in the room. Watch this video clip and see what I’m talking about.