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  • World Performing Arts Center, Boca Raton, Florida - June 10, 2016
    Cabaret Scenes
    Marilyn Maye
    By Jeffrey Bruce
  • Unbelievable. Astounding. Need I go on? At 87, Marilyn Maye has the poise, the charm, the professionalism and, most importantly the voice that 20-year-olds should envy. Familiar songs by Johnny Mercer, Murray Grand, Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Frank Loesser, as well as Ray Charles and a plethora of other songwriters, sounded fresh and new, as is the Maye way. Her joy in what she does, combined with supreme respect for the lyrics, left the audience at the one-day-only performance screaming for more. I was one of them.

    Maye appeared as part of the The Mabel Mercer Foundation's Cabaret at Lincoln Center "Live at Lynn Cabaret Series" at Lynn University. The day before the show, she held a Master Class at the University for a lucky group of students. They were in attendance at her performance, in the presence of everything they hope to be.

    Looking sensational in tux pants and a glittering black top, Maye simply has it all. In truth, I was going to just write superlative adjectives as my review….and easily could have. She is the Master (Mistress?) of vocal interpretation. She is the Queen. Long may she reign. Oh...did I mention I loved her?

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