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    Marilyn Maye Continues Her Reign
    By Sandi Durell
  • Marilyn Maye Continues Her Reign

    Marilyn Maye Continues Her Reign

    Posted on Jun 16, 2018 in Music Reviews

    Marilyn Maye Continues Her ReignMarilyn Maye By Sandi DurellThe quintessential Queen of Cabaret, Marvelous Marilyn Maye, continued to hold court at the Iridium Jazz Club in New York City for three nights (June 14,15,16) keeping her audience breathless. Let’s face it . . . the aficionados of jazz and cabaret just can’t get enough of this amazing chanteuse of a certain age (dare I give it away, well, yes, everyone knows) . . . 90 years young and better than ever!

    This powerhouse, who opened with an appropriate “Make Your Own Kind of Music,” with her unique spin, set the stakes high and kept them there throughout nearly 90 minutes of what she does best . . . tell stories, like no one else. Each song becomes a one act musical in itself whether it’s “I’ve Grown Accustomed to His Face” paired with “On The Street Where You Live” – which she attacks with vim and vigor and scat, making certain she let’s you know she’s still got all those high notes that knock your socks off at the end of the songs.

    When it comes to Ms. M. . . it’s all about love . . . the upside, the downside (“Let There Be Love” to “Makin’ Whoopee”). . . until it all just falls apart and it’s time to face the consequences in “Birth of the Blues” and “Lover Man,” and the real tearjerker “Blues in the Night.” She gives your heart a run for the money!

    But when things quiet down, it’s soulful and sad “Guess Who I Saw Today,” probably the #1 sought after song from many in her audience. Like she says, people love to cry.

    From sadness to gladness, in her favorite style – jazz waltz, she brings you back up with “Luck Be A Lady” and draws you into her intricate web with “Lazy Afternoon” and “Country Boy.”

    Marilyn Maye Continues Her ReignMarilyn Maye By Sandi DurellWell, we surely understand her “Secret O’ Life” . . . life is all about that big party we’re invited to participate in whenever Marilyn Maye takes the stage. Ms. M’s got a lot of love and life ahead and aren’t we lucky to be included at her parties!

    Adding to the joyful excitement is Tedd Firth, musical director on piano, with Tom Hubbard on bass, Daniel Glass on drums and Jack Cavari on guitar. Doesn’t get any better!

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